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2821 Fenwick Road, Kelowna, BC
Call Us! 250-869-5748
2821 Fenwick Road, Kelowna, BC


Guide Vision, Urge Excellence, and Empower Every Individual

The mission of RPM PARK-FIT Boxing is to enhance the quality of life of individuals living with Parkinson’s and/or movement disorders. PARK-FIT was started to bring awareness to this cause as well as create a safe, professional and positive environment for individuals facing (fighting) the same lifestyle challenges. Our goal is to guide vision, urge excellence, and empower every individual.


PARK-FIT is a blueprint for the most effective development and use of the human body- a program that helps create maximal strength, coordination, balance, power and accuracy. Our goal is to equip every individual with healthy information, motivation and inspiration that will last a lifetime and improve daily living.


Our program is open (inclusive) to ALL LEVELS and ALL AGES. Our vigorous training program is designed specifically to help you achieve your goals and at the same time adapt the program to your needs (maximizing your full potential). Regular adherence to the program will elevate your energy levels, improve morale, increase physical functioning and develop spatial awareness.


Our Program has attracted attention from national news stations as well as backing from local corporate sponsorships.

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“Fight Back….Because It Matters”

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